Our Vision

We envision being one of the RST choice for the Royal society and for our discerning customers by expertly combining VE behaviours of being curious, courageous, collaborative, creative and champion with our vision and seek to create an enduring and growing company with top-tier growth and returns.

Company Overview

Our Mission

At Ocyana Perfumes, our mission is to enrich the experience of life in our own way, by responsibly building Royal Oriental Fragrances that thrive and endure for generations.

Ocyana Perfumes collection maps the fragrant pathways of French formulae with oriental flair. Each
Fragrance within the range was created with the utmost superior quality ingredients and is held up as exemplary within the collection for truly standing the test of time.

Word of Our CEO

At Ocyana Perfumes, everything we do is centered on our commitment to our customers. We’ve built a culture of service excellence that begins in my O CE and extends through every level of our company. From our fragrance crafters who design our unique formulas to the crewmembers that greet you with a smile when you enter one of our outlets, each one of our team members is dedicated to ensuring that you have an excellent & memorable fragrance with high end product packaging.

I sincerely would like to thank and appreciate our shareholders and customer for their support, interest and partnerships with Ocyana Perfumes. Maintaining a continuous healthy relationship with you has always been our topmost priority. We will always appreciate the unending support and loyalty from our customers. Along with our hard working STA and our loyal customers, we will surely go a long way in the future.

– Abdulhamid Albastaki
Chief Executive Officer