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We use in-depth market research and analysis to identify new trends, and even more sophisticated technology to assure the quality. Perfection is a reflection of our passion for producing royal perfumes and the pioneering spirit, which has made us one of the first choices for VIPs.

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The Oriental Collection

It is upon this evocative nature and the wonderfully expressive art of creating individual royal fragrances that we have built the foundations of our perfumery.

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The Ocyana collection offers fragrances, which accentuate your persona. From bright and invigorating citrus fruits, modern and cool aldehydes, through stunning and spicy oriental compositions to spectacular floral fragrances that bloom with allure.

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Ocyana Perfumes collection maps the fragrant pathways of French Formulae with Oriental Flair. Each fragrance within the range was created with the utmost superior quality ingredients and is held up as exemplary within the collection for truly standing the test of time.